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Age-uk Concern of old Stairlifts

Age Concern stairlifts! When shopping for reconditioned stairlifts should the age of the unit be taken into consideration

Yes it should but not the first consideration to be taken into account when purchasing a second-hand or reconditioned Stairlift

Age is a concern if buying old electric stairlifts! Need to be professionally installed and dealing with high mains voltages

One would be wise to give them a wide birth if not electrically qualified to install such items, plus most are now obsolete and spare parts no longer available

Hire a Stairlift Next Day Installation

Buying second Hand Reconditioned straight stairlifts can be a good way to reduce the costs and if buying from a reputable supplier who offer a fitting service and warranty there are great bargains to be had

Reconditioned Acorn Brooks Stairlifts

Reconditioned Straight Stairlifts From £595-£950

Word of Warning buy local find a local company this will ensure they can attend to breakdown call-outs with a fast response time etc.

There may be other companies offering a better cheaper deal but will they travel the other side of the country to fix your Stairlift late on a Sunday evening highly unlikely

If Age is not a Concern and you are looking for a reconditioned straight or curved stairlift and reside in Manchester / Cheshire we could help you find a great price and deal on secondhand pre-used Stairlifts

We offer free home surveys at a time to suite you

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