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Looking for a cheap curved stairlift well the bad news is!

Curved Stairlifts aren’t cheap not even reconditioned Secondhand curved Stairlifts

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The simple reason why they are not cheap is each curved rail has to be custom made! Bespoke design for each individual staircase

So even a cheap reconditioned curved stairlift isn’t going to leave much change out of 3K
A standard curved stairlift with a one 90deg bend will set you back approximately £2800 and if looking at purchasing new then in the region of 4K+

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You really need to research curved Stairlifts prices and due to the large expense of the item one would be wise to find a local stairlift showroom where one can test ride a curved stairlift and get a feel of ride quality design and size of rail and carriage etc.

Stairlift Showroom Manchester

We don’t supply cheap curved Stairlifts but we can offer reconditioned units with a custom made bespoke rail for a fraction of the RRP One would pay for a new curved stairlift

Why not visit our stairlift showroom located near Stockport in fact we are a 12 minute drive from the Iconic Pyramid Stockport and in easy reach via the M60 ring road from Stockport to Droylsden

For more information about our Stairlift showroom please click on the Home tab top of page navigation bar

Curved Stairlifts Stockport showroom

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