How Much to Rent Stairlifts

How much to Rent Stairlifts

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How much to rent Stairlifts Manchester

Stairlift Trader Rental Stairlifts FAQ
How much to rent Stairlifts from Stairlift Trader (Straight Stairlifts) £45.00 pcm with a one off installation fee of £350.00 (None refundable)

how much to rent stairlifts

How Much to Rent a Stairlift

Example for a Straight Stairlift Rental
Your first payment on day of installation will be £395
One off payment £350 + first months rental £45,00 Total payment = £395.00

How much to Rent Stairlifts (Curved Stairlifts)
We offer a free survey to evaluate if a curved stairlift can be installed. Your staircase might be to narrow we need a minimum staircase width of 29’’ (73.66cm) to install a curved stairlift

Rent a Curved Stairlift Manchester

How much to Rent a Stairlift (Curved Stairlifts Manchester)

Assuming a curved stairlift can be installed and you choose to rent a curved Stairlift the costs would vary depending on how complex your staircase design is but for a standard staircase one bend the prices are as follows

One of payment of £1500 none refundable and £120pcm rental fee to be paid by Direct Debit so your initial outlay would be £1500 Plus first month’s rent £120 = £1620.00

We understand it’s not a fantastic cost cutting exercise but if your situation requires a curved stairlift for a short period of time you could save over £1,275.00

How do we pay for our rental stairlift
One off installation fee and first months rental will be paid on the same day as installation of your rental stairlift via Cash or Debit/Credit Card. All other rental payments will be collected by monthly Standing Order/Direct Debit

Stairlift Rental Manchester

BHTA Approved Rental Stairlifts Manchester

Areas locations we serve cover
We cover the whole of Greater Manchester

Is there a fixed rental term
No fixed or minimum rental terms! you can rent a straight stairlift from us for as long as you need it? 2 Days, 2 Weeks, 2 Months, 2 Years

How long do i have to wait for my rental stairlift
We normally try for the same working day as your enquiry. We understand that when you need a stairlift you need one A.S.A.P. You should not have to wait any longer than 24 hours under normal circumstances

Curved Stairlifts require a home site survey and a layout design plan of your staircase. We try to aim for 7 working days. Due to bespoke design we may also need to order additional rail sections which may increase the installation date

We are not located in the Northwest
We don’t reside in Greater Manchester can we still rent a stairlift from Stairlift Trader? Depending on your location we possibly could offer a stairlift rental plan! We impose a 3 month minimum term and a supplement for out of area. Please contact us for more information

Do we need to pay for breakdown service cover
No when you rent a stairlift from Stairlift Trader we give you a fully inclusive package! We service and maintain the stairlift at no extra cost including breakdowns

Does your rental policy cover accidental damage
No our policy does not cover accidental damage! You will be required to pay for any broken or damaged parts on the stairlift unit or fixings including damaged or lost remote call send units etc.

Can i arrange for someone else to remove repair the stairlift
Absolutely NOT! Only qualified engineers employed by Stairlift Trader can remove Service or repair the stairlift. The rented stairlift remains the property of Stairlift Trader at all times. No other company or person is allowed to work on the lift unless strictly authorised by Stairlift Trader / Sterling Stairlifts

We no longer require to rent a stairlift
No problem just contact us and we will arrange for the rented stairlift to be removed within 48 hours or a time that is convenient for you. (No fee for removal of Stairlift)

Rent a Stairlift Manchester

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