Rent a Curved Stairlift Manchester

Rent a curved Stairlift Manchester – Cheshire

Renting a curved stairlift is normally not a viable option due to the expense of the custom made rail (Bespoke) each rail has to be specifically manufactured for your individual staircase

Rent a Curved Stairlift Manchester Cheshire

We understand that occasions arise where a curved stairlift would only be beneficial for a short period of time.

To purchase a standard reconditioned curved stairlift to fit on a standard staircase with one bend – radius would be in the region of £2895.00 – New curved Stairlifts start from £3795

We might be able to offer a curved rental stairlift package but compared to straight stairlift rentals this still works out very expensive but you could save over £1000.00 if it’s only a short term rental

Curved Stairlift Examples – Photos

Acorn Brooks 80 curved StairliftStannah Curved Stairlifts Manchester

How it works
We offer a free survey to evaluate if a curved stairlift can be installed. Your staircase might be to narrow we need a minimum staircase width of 29’’ (73.66cm) to install a curved stairlift

Assuming a curved stairlift can be installed and you choose a rental package the costs would vary depending on how complex your staircase design is but for a standard staircase one bend the prices are as follows

One of payment of £1500 none refundable and £120pcm rental fee to be paid by Direct Debit so your initial outlay would be £1500 Plus first month’s rent £120 = £1620.00

Curved Stairlift Rentals Manchester

We understand it’s not a fantastic cost cutting exercise but if your situation requires a curved stairlift for a short period of time you could save over £1275.00

The other advantage of renting a curved stairlift is when you no longer require the stairlift you’re not lumbered with the burden of trying to sell it on and recoup some of your hard earned cash

We can only offer this service throughout Manchester and Cheshire and if your staircase is complex in design it might not be viable to rent a curved Stairlift. If you have any further questions about Curved Stairlift Rentals please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you with your access solutions

See our Stairlift Rental FAQ for more details

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