Rent a Stairlift Manchester

Rent a Stairlift Manchester

Stairlift Rental Greater Manchester

Rent a Stairlift Manchester we offer Straight stairlift rentals throughout Greater Manchester, no contract rent a stairlift for as long as required

Short Term Stairlift Rental Plans

Short term Stairlift rental Plans are great for people who only require a Stairlift for short periods of time! Recovering from an illness or temporary stay in hospital or visiting relatives etc. Rent a Stairlift Manchester is the Simple solution to obtaining independence and freedom in your home

Stairlift Rental Manchester

The main advantage is when you no longer require the stairlift you’re not lumbered with the process of trying to sell it on and recoup a fraction of what you would have paid to purchase a stairlift outright

We simply remove the stairlift at a convenient time and day to suit you without any further expense

Rent Hire a Stairlift Next Day Installation

Choose a Local Manchester Company

All Straight rental Stairlifts are slimline, clean modern design and fit on the narrowest of staircases

Battery powered so even work in a power-cut you will never get stranded midway should the power go off

Fast Installation! Rental Stairlifts installed next day

Stairlift Rentals Manchester





Rent a stairlift Manchester £45pcm
Installation process only takes around 30 minutes with no alterations or mess to your property stairlifts fix to the stair treads not the wall! There will be no damage to your property.or staircase

We take care of all servicing and call out costs for the duration of your stairlift rental, which means you will receive the same customer service as if you had purchased the unit outright.

We require a one off payment (None Refundable) to cover the administration, installation and subsequent removal of the stairlift £350 From then on, there will be a set monthly fee for the duration of your stairlift rental £45.00pcm Your first payment would be £395 this includes your first months rental followed by monthly payments of £45.00

Contact us today for more information and free survey

This service can only be offered throughout Greater Manchester and Cheshire click map image below to see if we serve your location

Check Manchester Postcode

Rent a Curved Stairlift Manchester

Curved stairlifts require a custom made bespoke rail for each staircase at considerable costs. We offer Curved stairlift rentals throughout Manchester & Cheshire please click the link below for more information >>>> Rent a Curved Stairlift Manchester <<<<<

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