Testing Stairlift Batteries

Testing Checking Stairlift Battery

Test Check Stairlift Batteries

Testing Stairlift Batteries will require two pieces of test equipment Multimeter / Amp Meter or a dedicated sealed lead acid battery tester

Simply checking the voltage with a standard multimeter is not a conclusive test that the Stairlift batteries are in good shape Testing Stairlift batteries requires you to check the Amps as well as the battery voltage

Many times the voltage indicated from a multimeter test will read 12V+ to the novice / layman this test would indicate the Stairlift batteries are fine and do not require replacing

Testing Stairlift Batteries

Inteligent Battery Tester
The only true way to test Sealed Lead acid batteries is to use a dedicated battery tester that cycles discharges the batteries IE simulates a full 20 hour discharge test and then gives a read out of the battery voltage and Amps

Read out indication from the meter may well show the voltage is fine 12V+ but the Ah is low any reading less than 4.2Ah is a sure sign the batteries are coming to the end of their lifespan and should be replaced A.S.A.P

Testing Stairlift Batteries
If the Voltage Read out indication is low then obviously the battery is flat and has either come to the end of its lifespan or the battery has been left off charge or the battery cells are damaged

If the battery voltage has sunken to less than 2V it’s highly unlikely the batteries will recharge even if placed back on charger station normally located at the  top or bottom of the stairlift rail (Park Position)

Testing Stairlift Batteries

Testing Stairlift Batteries with ACT Gold-Plus Tester

DIY Battery Replacment
We don’t recommend DIY battery replacement and one should always seek help from a professional who can check and replace the batteries plus check all circuits to ensure your new batteries stay in tip top condition giving you many years of trouble free service

Simple rule of thumb
if you don’t have a fancy expensive battery tester or multi-meter to test check the batteries then replacing / renewing your stairlift batteries could solve many issues

If your stairlift batteries are over two years of age then replacing them now might be a good idea

Symptoms of faulty batteries or batteries degrading

Stairlift running slow

Stairlift Stop Starting (Mainly in up direction)

Stairlift won’t move in any direction (flashing various fault codes on diagnostic display) or Unambiguous weird codes not found in user handbook

Stairlift Diagnostic display showing fault code for Flat Batteries

Acorn / Brooks Stairlift examples E8 Battery Low (older model) F5 For newer models

C5 Charger connected but not charging batteries (older Model) E7 for newer models.

Check the transformer is plugged in and switched on at mains socket ensure Stairlift is parked on charging station

Stairlift Bleeps
Stairlift Constantly bleeping even when parked at top or bottom on charging station. Check the charger transformer is plugged in and switched on, check there is power at socket, check all CB Circuit Breakers at mains fuse board ensure no circuit breakers have tripped

Not all Stairlifts have fault diagnostic read out displays so if in doubt renewing the batteries could solve the problem especially if the Stairlift is over two years of age

Most Stairlifts use two 12v 7Ah (SLA) Sealed Lead Acid Batteries wired in series to give an output of 24 Volts

Testing Stairlift Batteries

Cheap Stairlift Batteries

Always buy good branded named batteries Yuassa NP7-12, MK Batteries, Genesis Batteries. Beware of none branded batteries its false economy low lead content with a short lifespan

Things to consider before DIY battery replacment
The problem initially might not have been the Stairlift batteries! It could be a number of things related to the charging circuits of the Stairlift

Transformer, Voltage regulators or a number of things related to wiring and components within the makeup of how the stairlift charges

Simply replacing renewing the batteries might only be a short term solution and your new batteries will be flat exhausted within a few days leaving you back at square one so to speak

We hope this small article helped you out and got you back up and running so to speak (Good Luck)


Stairlift Battery Replacment Service
Reside in Greater Manchester we offer a stairlift battery replacment service please click on the image below to go to our battery fitting service page for more details and pricing

Testing Stairlift Batteries

Testing Stairlift Batteries

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